Piedmont Electric Motor

The One Shop Source for Turn-key Solutions!

Piedmont Electric Motor

The One Shop Source for Turn-key Solutions!

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Piedmont Electric Motor


We have provided motor repair and winding excellence since 1971. In our 26,000+ square foot facility, we have over 50 years of industrial and manufacturing service experience. We have grown to accommodate our customers' needs by developing a reputation of being a one shop source for complete solutions. We provide 2D CAD design and services, as well as project management for custom applications including single workstation to complete assembly lines.

Our Services

Electric Motor Repair


We provide sales, services, rewinds, and cost efficient, high quality repair on AC/DC motors and VFDs, single and 3 phase, any size HP and pump, gearbox repair, and electronics, including 24 hour emergency service.

Machining & Welding


Lathe, milling machines, CNC machines, from emergency breakdown to multiple parts, no quantity is too small. Shear, Brake, Multiple welders, onsite welding, large steel inventory, and certified welders.


From fabrication to complete turn-key installations, Piedmont is a leader in all aspects of design, manufacturing, and installation of overhead bridge cranes and lifting equipment.


We provide workplace solutions for your company's troubled areas to help reduce worker injuries and insurance costs. Whether you are bringing parts to or from an assembly line or moving rolls or boxes, we can provide a solution for you.

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